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Sishandharan Nair Muralitharan (2014)
I am doing my A-Levels in KolejTuankuJa'afar, Mantin, after which I hope to pursue a Physics or Math degree in the UK... something that I enjoy. I think it's very important to do something you have a passion for, so you'll have fun as a working adult. Don't force yourself to do engineering or medicine or something you don't like, just because it pays well.

4. Please share with us the secret to your success

Things play out differently for everyone. I wouldn't say there's a general secret to success… Why don't you find out for yourself? When you do, let me know.

5. What are your goals and aspirations?

Man has so many goals and aspirations, but the most overlooked is to be happy. You may dream of wealth and fame and riches. You could be given the world, but if you aren't happy, then it's all worth nothing. So that's my goal, to be happy.

6. Lastly, I am sure that support and guidance play a big role in the recipe of success. Who are you obliged to thank the most?

To name some teachers, there is PuanTeoh with whom I had lots of chemistry (ask her)... There is Pn V. Sam and Pn Wee who teach Form 6 but when asked to teach us for a few months, took it seriously and truly wanted the best for us. There is PuanHidayah, who encouraged students to perform well by taking the trouble to make presents of food coupons and notebooks to us (no one does that)! There is the charismatic Miss Dee who was my class teacher for two consecutive years and many others I can't list here. Mostly, I thank God who is always good.

1.How does it feel to be the best achiever?

I found out online, so I wouldn't let myself believe it just in case it wasn't true. Only when I was absolutely certain, I got around to the giddy dancing.

2. Were you expecting such good results?

Well... I had a few concerns, mainly my BahasaMelayu and Accounts. Many students slip in the former, and I didn't have enough practice on the latter so I stumbled through Paper 2 of Accounts. Yet God is good! The best thing to do, of course, is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

3. What course are you currently pursuing?