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Served with pride and honour

There are many Brothers who served and taught at St. Paul's. They are forever remembered...
Bro. Isidore Albert    15 May ~ 5 Sept 1909
He was born in France. In 1909, he was appointed the first Brother Director of SPI. Unfortunately, his tenure of office was short. After about four and a half months, God called him to his eternal reward. He passed away peacefully on 5 Sept 1909 in Seremban.

Bro. Basilian    26 Jan 1910 ~ 28 Mar 1914
A French Brother who improved the academic standards and teaching skills of the teachers. He also extended the old school. He was called to rest in Vietnam on 9 July 1945.

Bro. Adrian Edmund    29 Mar 1914 ~ 27 Apr 1921
He was born in England. Despite the turbulence during World War I, he kept St Paul's Institution growing. In 1921, he was transferred to Taiping. He was called to the Lord on 5 August 1925 at the age of 54.

Bro. Lewis Edward    28 Apr 1921 ~ Jan 1930
An Irish Brother who later founded the St Paul's Athletics Association which subsequently became known as the Old Boy's Association. Today it is known as the Old Paulian's Association. He made SPI a force to be reckoned with in the field of soccer and athletics, and also improved academic results.

Bro. Dominic John    Jun 1928 ~ Jan 1939
An Irish Brother who will always be remembered for establishing the SPI Debating Society. He passed away peacefully on 30 Novemeber 1966.

Bro. Barnitus Kennedy    17 Jan 1930 ~ 12 Aug 1931
He was born in Ireland. He was a pioneer responsible for the successful implementation of the annual medical inspection of the pupils. In 1945, he was appointed Brother Visitor. In 1965, he passed away in Penang. His loss was deeply felt by all Paulians.

Bro. John Lynam    12 Aug 1931 ~ 30 Jun 1933
An Irish Brother who faced great hardship during the World Recession. He was transferred to Manila as a Brother Director and later transferred again to Hong Kong as Bro. Director of St Joseph's Institution, Hong Kong. He passed away at the ripe old age of 78.

Bro. Joseph Brophy    2 Jul 1933 ~ 4 Sept 1939
An Irish Brother who installed the sanitation system of the school. His greatest contributions were the building of the old school hall (now the staff room) and the upgrading of the school field. Later, he left for Singapore as a Bro. Director.

Bro. Anselm Conde    4 Sept 1939 ~ 11 Jan 1941
He was born in France. A reknowned Geography teacher and often dubbed "The Walking Encyclopaedia". He became the Sub-Director of the school from 1943 to 1965. He was called to rest in Penang on 5 May 1969.

Bro. Henry    11 Jan 1941 ~ Dec 1946
Born in France in 1886, Bro. Henry devoted 45 years as a member of the La Salle Brothers. He is most well-known for refusing to take down the name "St Paul's Institution" personally during World War II. He passed away in Pulau Tikus, Penang on the 17th of July 1959 at the age of 75.

Bro. Lawrence Henry    3 Feb 1947 ~ 9 Jan 1953
He was the first Malaysian Brother Director, and helped to rebuild the school after World War II. 21 years later, he breathed his last in Penang.

Bro. Casimir L'Angellier    Jan 1954 ~ Dec 1959
Born in Singapore, he was earlier the school's Sub-Director from 1941 to 1944. He was the man behind the construction of the new school premises in Mont La Salle. Under him, the school celebrated her Golden Jubilee and, on the same year, the Golden Jubilee of the arrival of the Brothers at Seremban. His death in Hong Kong in 1977 was greatly grieved by many Paulians. He was admired and loved by all Paulians, teachers and parents.

Bro. Celestine Jennings    Jan 1960 ~ Dec 1963
He was born in the land Down Under, Australia. He extended the new school building and constructed the AVA room. He died peacefully on 1 August 1991 in Southport, Queensland.

Bro. Thomas Dunne    Jan 1963 ~ Dec 1969
An Irish Brother who was a teacher in the school in 1940. His greatest contributions were the renovating of the school hall and starting the afternoon schooling session. Under his tenure of office, Paulians achieved greater academic excellence. The school also became the first to have a TV set in Negeri Sembilan. He was later transferred to St Xavier's Institution, Penang.

Bro. Felix Donahue    1 Jan 1970 ~ 12 Feb 1975
He was born in Ireland. During his term, girls were enrolled in Form 4 and Form 6 for the first time in the school's history. The renovation of the school office and library was carried out. In 1975, he was transferred to SMK La Salle, Petaling Jaya as Brother Director. He is still the Representative of the Christian Brothers in the SPI Board of Governors, and much admired and loved by many past Paulians.

Bro. James Macken    13 Feb 1975 ~ 28 Feb 1991
An Irish Brother who was transferred to SPI from St Xavier's Institution, Penang as the school's Sub-Director. In 1975 he succeeded Bro. Felix Donahue as Bro. Director. He was a man of action fondly loved by his teachers and Paulians, and is also the longest-serving Brother Director. He has since returned to Ireland and on January 26, 2012, Brother James Macken breathed his last and returned to the Lord.
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