This Web Page Created By
Clarence Chu Pak Thoo
It is my pleasure to congratulate the School Webpage team under the able guidance of Mr. Clarence Chu Pak Thoo (an old Paulian) and Mr. Selladurai (the school’s ICT Co-ordinator) for their tireless efforts to update the school webpage. This mammoth task of ensuring that the latest information about the school is uploaded periodically for the benefit of interested parties, is by no means an easy feat. Besides making it user-friendly, the team is in the process of creating easier means of uploading different media to our website. Our hope is to make the webpage more current and relevant and use it to promote the school. It will also be an avenue to keep Paulians posted on the latest news and announcements regarding the school.
Welcome to the SPI Website, Paulians!
The school magazines which can be viewed on the webpage will definitely bring back fond memories for Paulians, who are always proud of the rich heritage and tradition of their Alma Mater. Bear with us as we continue our efforts to improve the webpage.
Cheer, Cheer, St Paul’s!

Miss Lucy Magaret Ratnam
St Paul’s Institution (secondary)
November 2014