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The School Coat of Arms stands for everything that is grand and noble in the school's tradition. It serves to inspire Paulians a spirit of pride and loyalty and teach a love and respect for the past. An examination of the present design will reveal that it contains many features familiar to La Sallians around the world.
The first quarter - the place of honour in any shield with armorial bearings - is occupied by a star, a well known emblem to every Brother's boy throughout the world, for it is the symbol of Faith featured on the Arms and Official Seal of the De La Salle Order and incorporated in the crest and badges of La Sallian Schools. It recalls the Spirit of Faith, the Spirit of the Order, a faith that should burn brightly in every student. It should stimulate in him the renewal of faith in the eternal truth and inspire him to trust anew in himself and his future. This is what the Star should mean to every Paulian.
In the second quarter is the sword of St. Paul, patron of the school. Strength and fortitude and determined purpose may be read into this quarter, virtues so sadly lacking in these troubled times. In these days of clenched fists let us have a little more of the firmly held Sword, more discipline and restraint in our fight for worthwhile and well tried principles.
The open book in the third quarter symbolises learning and knowledge which the school is to provide, and students should acquire and excel in. Present Paulians can look back to proud tradition of devotion to learning and perseverance in study, which Paulians down the years have so firmly established.
The State Emblem of nine sheaves of paddy grains, occupying the fourth quarter, reminds us that St. Paul's traditions reach far back into history of Negeri Sembilan, with a proud and unbroken record of close to a century of unsurpassed achievements. Paulians look with pride to the standard of their State and pledge unswerving loyalty to the state and ruler.
Faith and fortitude, Learning and Loyalty symbolised in the four quartering in the Paulian Coat of Arms may only be acquired by a virtuous life through earnest painstaking work which truths are aptly expressed in the School Motto "VIRTUTE ET LABORE" - Virtue and Labour - appearing under the shield.
William Chu Zhi Ming (2011)