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Briged Bestari 2011
  Throughout the term 2011, the committee successfully carried out various activities. The Annual General Meeting was
  held on Wednesday, 12 January 2011 from 7.45am till 8.45am at the Computer Lab. New committee members were
  elected and activities were planned for the year.

  Teacher advisors     : Mr. Selladurai Palani
                                  : Madam Au Li Li @ Kalai
  President                 : Jesee Lee Kar Ming (U61)
  Vice-President        : Jason Niap Chee Woon (5 Anselm)
  Secretary                 : Lithia Mohan (U62)
  Assistant Sectery    : Bryan Anderson Kung (5 Anselm)
  Treasurer                 : William Chu Zhi Ming (4Basilian)
  Committee Members
  Form 1 : Sridanenthran (1 Anslem)
  Form 2 : Logeshan (2 Austin)
  Form 3 : Sanggkar Selladurai (3 Austin)
  Form 4 : Thyviyan Velappan (4 Anselm)
  Form 5 : Kisen Selvanathan (5 Basalian)
  Form 6 : Rahmathunnisa Bt Mukhtar Ali (U62)

  Among the activities carried out this year are teaching the members Computer Maintenance, Cleanup Disk,  
  Defragmentation, and Antivirus. A competition was held to create a logo for the club. Every member also created their
  own e-mail, blog and social network account. A  Photoshop course was held for all students. The club also planned a
  trip to the Malaysian Multimedia University (MMU), Cyberjaya and Putrajaya.

  The teacher advisers and committee members hope that the incoming new members would be more active in making 
  the club more popular in school. The committee members would like to thank the teacher advisors for their guidance
  and support throughout the year.

  Prepared by,

  Lithia Mohan
Aaron K. Abraham (2011)