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History Society (2016)
Yugadevanaikar A/L Beddan
Teacher Advisors:
Madam Siti Azirah Bt Abidin
Madam Nor Hasima Bt Mat Saad
Linggandran Nair  Ravi Chandran
Vice President:
Sathya Prakash K.Samy
Shireetzharan  Muthappa
Dhurrjaraj Koran
Arvindra Kugarajah
Committee Members:
Muhammad Izhar B Imzan
Muhammad Asraf B Mohd Adzhar
Meeramanalan Candrasegaran
In the year 2016, the committee successfully carried out a variety of activities. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Wednesday 6 January 2016. New committee members for the 2016 term were elected.
Among the activities carried out were a treasure hunt, traditional games, quizzes and visiting the school “Tower”. For the treasure hunt, members were divided into 6 groups of 4 students. The winner of the competition was the group led by Muhammad Izhar B Imzan.
The club also conducted revision classes for the students as the examinations were around the corner. The teachers in charge of this club, Madam Siti Azirah Bt Abidin and Madam Nor Hasima Bt Mat Saad were very supportive in organizing many interesting activities for the members. The teachers and members hope that the new committee for the next term will be active and responsible.

Prepared by,
Shireetzharan Muthappa