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                                                                                DIRECTOR HOUSE

HEAD OF ADVISORS :  Miss  Lee Wee Sung

TEACHER ADVISORS:  Mdm  Anita Mohtar,Mdm Noor Hazani bt Ismail ,Mdm  Suriati Abu  Bakar
                                            Mdm M.Shanti  Marimuthu,Mdm  Azwin  Ali,Mdm  Sabariah  Samsuri
                                            Mdm Haliza  Mohamed,Mdm Norlita Ariffin,Mdm  Kamariah Mohd Hassim
                                            Mdm Liaw Shuh Chin,Mr Mohd Hafizi Baharuddin,Miss Zuriyani  Mat Zain
                                            Mdm Norhamimah Mohd  Yatim,Mdm  Radzihah Muhamed,Mdm Zainab Daud
                                            Mr Ashok Kumar

Jaden Raul De Souza 

Sashiv Prakash a/l Ramesh

Muhammad Ariff Munshir bin Mohd Pozi

Lim Guan Yan

Praveen Nair a/l  Sangara Narayanan

Dipanraj a/l Manikam

Badminton : Ramanathan a/l Muthupalaniappan
Basketball : Naavin Ramani
Futsal :  Vimaleswaran a/l Pandiaraja

FORM 6 : Aw Jhing Yip
Form 5 : Alamsyah Putra Sulaiman
Form 4 : Santosh a/l Sarguham
Form 3 : Domniq Pavithren
Form 2 :  Kavinesh a/l Gunalan
Form 1 :  Ng Zhan Fei Jeffrey
     The Annual General Meeting was held in January 2017 to elect the new committee. Director House had its intensive training sessions every Tuesday as preparation for their Cross Country, Standard Taking , 60th Annual Sports Day and 1M1S Carnival. Only the best and most qualified athletes were selected to represent our house team.

     We are very proud as we were  the Champion House for the year 2017. We would like to express our gratitude to all our teacher advisors, our house athletes, committee members and students for their excellent teamwork and sportsmanship . We also emerged 2nd Runner-Up for the Inter-House March Pass Competition and 1st Runner-Up for the Cross Country. Congratulations Director House !

      Last but not least , heartiest congratulations to Director House for dominating the track and field in the 100m, 200m, 4 x 100m , 4 x 400m, High Jump, Javelin, Shot Put and  Diskus Throw. We  hope and pray that all aspiring athletes of Director House will continue to bring glory and contribute to our success in the future
Onwards to Victory - DIRECTOR HOUSE !!!!