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English Language (2017)
Dhurgesh A/L Rama Murthy
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Teacher Advisors :Madam Anne Theresa Vincent
Miss Hardeepak Kanda
Madam B. Sharmini
Madam Jacqueline Asha a/p Daniel
President : Esshwaraj a/l Elumalai
Vice President : Jordan Joel Martinus
Secretary : Siaw Yang Jun
Assistant Secretary : Kashrethen a/l Rameswarn
Treasurer : Ramanathan Ashwin a/l Muthupalaniapan
Committee Members :
Form 1 : Shivabala a/l Ganesh
Form 3 : Roshan Nair
Form 4 : Krisyhniven a/l Ganakumaran
Form 5 : Balraaj Singh Gil
          Throughout 2017, various activities were organized and successfully carried out by the committee members of the English Language Society. New committee members were elected during the Annual General Meeting which was held in January 2017. The newly-elected committee members began to map out some fun activities for the year.
          The activities kicked off with a short sketch which was a big success as many members had a chance to show off their talent. Besides that, Public Speaking, Station Games, Talent Show and lots more were also carried out to enhance the members’ aptitude in various aspects.The members were very supportive in all activities that were carried out.
          The committee would like to express their utmost gratitude to the teacher advisors Madam Anne Theresa Vincent, Miss Hardeepak Kanda, Madam Jacqueline Asha and Madam B. \Sharmini for their guidance throughout the year. Last but not least, we look forward to another marvellous year in 2018 with great learning experiences and moments of happiness.

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