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Rukun Negara (2017)
Ayrtton Leon (2017)
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Teacher advisors:
1. Mdm. Ruhainis Ibrahim
2. Ms. Hjh Rohiza Ahmad

President:Praveen Nair Sangara Narayanan

Vice President:Hijaz Rahman Abd Rahim

Secretary:Sivaprakash Murali

Assistant Secretary:Syaril Rohan Roseli

Treasurer:Putra Jeffri Daniel Othman

Committee Members:Segilan Moorthy

                                      Vishal Nambiar Velayutham

                                      Kaarthik Mahindren

                                      Neo Qi Hock

                                      Jaden Raul De Souza

             Throughout the term of 2017, the committee successfully carried out various activities. The Annual Ganeral Meeting was held on 11th January 2017. New committee members were elected and all members discussed the activities that would be held during the year. The society has 28 members both from upper and lower secondary.
Various exciting activities were held throughout the year 2017. Some of them were traditional outdoor and indoor games competitions, poetry recitation, cross word puzzles, and recognizing traditional local food, dance and clothes.

Prepared by
Sivaprakash Murali